What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice where websites, applications, and tools are designed and developed in a way so that all users including people with disabilities have equal access to information and functionality, along with ease of use.

Website accessibility also benefits people without disabilities, for example:

  • People who are using mobile phones, smartwatches and smart TVs and devices with small screen sizes and different input modes etc.
  • Old aged people with changing or decreased abilities
  • People with “temporary disabilities”
  • People with slow internet connections
  • People with “situational limitations” such as a noisy environment or working in bright sunlight

Our Website Accessibility

Our website is designed and organized in such a way that you can easily navigate it with assistive technology, like screen readers and keyboard-only.

Accessibility Links on Homepage

On a computer screen, press the ‘Tab’ key and you will see a button that allows you to skip to the main content on the page. Pressing ‘Enter’ here will skip the navigation bar and slider and will take you directly to the first content item on the page.

Accessibility help
The “Accessibility help” link opens this help article.

Accessibility feedback
If you have any feedback or if you think that accessibility functionality on this website can be improved, please fill the form below and we will definitely put it into consideration.

Arrow Keys
The Arrow keys allow you to move within the navigation menu bar. If you are on a certain item on the navigation menu and want to go to that specific page, then hit Enter.

The Enter button in some cases also opens up a pop-up form, this is mostly for call to actions and contact us / email us links.

With a keyboard: Press the Tab key until you reach the link you want. Then press the Enter key.

With a screen reader: Use your screen reader’s quick navigation controls.

Accessibility Links On Other Pages of the Website

Skip to Content
The “Skip to content” link goes to the first content item on the page.

Skip to Contact Info
The “Skip to contact info” link goes to the locations of our offices nationwide.

Skip to Job Listings
The “Skip to job listings” link goes to the jobs that we list on our careers page.

Skip to Articles
The “Skip to articles” link will take you to directly to the published articles on the blog.

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