Committed to Innovative Technology Solutions that save you Time, Money and Resources

CTMI is committed to Innovative Technology Solutions that save our Clients Time, Money and Resources.

Our exclusive middle-ware, cloud applications, best in class enterprise software, and processing solutions unify data into an easy to navigate proprietary client dashboard. No longer do our clients need multiple vendors, assembling information from many sources, and trying to package it into an actionable resource. You can have it all, accessible 24/7, information at your fingertips, real time, and on demand reporting through the CTMI Dashboard.

ctmi dashboard

CTMI’s Best in Class Software Partners

We are proud to partner with, use in our client servicing and integrate into our Innovative Technology and solutions:

Anybill is a cloud-based accounts payable automation that streamlines AP workflows - from invoice receipt and data capture to approval and payment. It provides clear control and visibility over the entire AP process.

PTMS software streamlines compliance processes, eliminates manual data entry, manages documents, and provides analytical tools to help you save both time and money.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE tax policy management system which automates the entire indirect tax process, including tax calculation, reporting, compliance filing, and remittance of funds.

SigerTax application provides property tax consultants with a complete package of software tools they need to handle every step of their practice, from initial customer engagement, to valuation, to appeal tracking, and even invoicing.  The software also contains powerful tools that enable tax bill processing, custom reporting, as well as event and task tracking.